A Heart Attack in Your 30's?

My brother was not exactly a health buff. He was not partial to any food and ate practically anything. But I remember him running and playing basketball. He also did not smoke.

So how is a heart attach in your 30's even possible?

The way I understand it, there is a condition when the body does not automatically flush out bad cholesterol, resulting to a build up in the blood and the arteries. As a result, blood flow to the heart is restricted and the risk of stroke and heart attack is increased. More often than not, this condition is hereditary.

Early diagnosis is very important. Of course, it doesn't end there. Lifestyle change needs to be done as well. A healthy diet and a more active lifestyle are necessary (Workout HQ has good resourc
es that you will find really helpful). The doctor also advises having the whole family checked for early intervention.

It's very easy to just eat and do whatever we want and not stress ourselves with this heathy lifestyle thing. But that may mean ending the good life at 30, or even 35. Is that what you want? I bet not.